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Charles Haupt

Charles Haupt

A Musical Feast

Sal Andolina

Charles Castleman

David Taylor

  Jesse Levine and Charles Haupt playing for H.H. the Dalai Lama at UB '06

Claudia Hoca

Jesse Levine

Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman

Charles Haupt
and Charles Castleman

Tom Kolor

Feng Hew

Tony Arnold

January 16, 2007
Tom Kolor, Charles Haupt, Charles Castleman, Feng Hew, Tony Arnold, Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman

Paolo Cavallone


Charles Haupt

Charles Haupt

David Taylor


Concert Performances

April 10, 2011      
Jonathan Golove
Alice Teyssier
Charles Castleman
Amy Williams,
Jonathan Golove
November 14, 2010
Charles Haupt,Claudia Hoca Jonathan Golove
Claudia Hoca Jonathan Golove
Barry Crawford,
Alison D'Amato

April 15, 2010



Charles Haupt and friends, Diana Sachs, Max Wickert, Shieh-Jian Tsai, Feng Hew

Phyllis East, Claudia Hoca

Barry Crawford flute,David Felder composer April 15, 2010


Feb. 14, 2010

Feb. 11, 2010


Charles Haupt, Claudia Hoca, Jonathan Golove, Elliot Caplan, Jean Kopperud

Jonathan Golove

Nov. 19, 2009



Jonathan Golove, Amanda De Boer, Claudia Hoca, Charles Haupt, Jean Kopperud


April 10, 2009


Valerie Heywood Charles Haupt

Rin Ozaki Gusto at the Gallery April 10-09

Tom Kolor, Alan Feinberg, JT Rinker, Valerie Heywood,Charles Haupt, Rin Ozaki, Vincent O'Neill, Melanie Aceto, Christina Walsh,

Tres danzas seculares by Mario Lavista


Feb. 8, 2009


Amanda DeBoer, Amy Williams, Jerry Kirkbride, Jan Williams, Tom Kolor, Jonathan Golove

Claudia Hoca
Carol Wincenc
Burchfield Penney Art Gallery

Jan Williams, David Felder, Charles Z. Bornstein, Ed Yadzinski, Jerry Kirkbride, Charles Haupt, Nils Vigeland

Charles Haupt, Carol Wincenc, Nils Vigeland

May 27, 2008


Charles Haupt, Claudia Hoca, Jonathan Golove

David Taylor, Charles Castleman, Claudia Hoca, Jonathan Golove, Charles haupt

Cheryl gobbetti-Hoffman, flute and Tony Arnold, soprano



January 29, 2008

Paul Todaro in The Soldiers Tale

Paul Todaro in Stravinsky

Christian Baldini

Charles Haupt Jonathan Lombardo Jon Nelson


The Soldiers Tale


November 13, 2007

Paolo Cavallone, Max Wickert, Tony Arnold, Claudia Hoca, Feng Hew, Charles Haupt
November 13, 2007


Dave Taylor

October, 3, 2006
Sal Andolina, Jesse Levine, Charles Haupt, Charles Castleman, Claudia Hoca, Dave Taylor





Charles Castleman,Charles Haupt, Cheryl Gobbetti -Hoffman, Claudia Hoca, Jesse Levine




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