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Program Notes for Friday November 14, 2014 8 PM

[klang partout]
Klang (ger.) sound
partout (fr.) everywhere

The German word Klang refers to sound and hints at the unique quality and enormous range of tone colors (klangfarben) inherent in the saxophone. Par2 is a reference to the ubiquitous presence of the saxophone in world culture. It also suggests a pair of instruments and artists on equal footing, while making a subtle nod to the parabolic design of the inventor Adolphe Sax (1814-1894).

KLANG PAR2 is committed to the expansion of dynamic new works for two saxophones as well as rediscovering and rendering music from the past. With its kaleidoscopic variety of tone colors and sound effects, the saxophone is a perfect vehicle for modern music. And with its vocal quality, clarity of articulation and surprising tenderness, the saxophone is equally suited to old works. Indeed it brings a refreshing and unique sound to music of the masters from earlier centuries.

Bach, Telemann, Leclair, Mozart, Beethoven
Hindemith, von Koch, Dinescu, Lefanu, Gillespie



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Irene Haupt, Photographer

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