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Julia Bentley with A Musical Feast - WNED Interview
Mezzo-Soprano Julia Bentley Re: A Musical Feast Interview May 8 2015
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An Interview with Julia Bentley
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Video from our past performances
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Morphic Slip
Music: Aphex Twin
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Jon Lehrer
Dancers Theodore Krzykowski , Rachael Humphrey
Lehrer Dance Company

Pohádka (Fairy tale) (1910 revised 1923)
Leoš JanáĄek ( 1854-1928)
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Con moto
Con moto

Jonathan Golove, cello
Eric Huebner, piano
Choreography Jon Lehrer
Dancers Immanuel Naylor, Colleen Walsh
Lehrer Dance Company


November 20   2011
Argentine Tango -
Moshe Shulman (1978)


Arnold Bax (1883-1953)
Jesse Levine, viola Claudia Hoca , piano


March 29, 2006
W. A. Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Duo for Violin and Viola, No. 1 in G major, K423 (1783)
Charles Haupt , violin   |   Jesse Levine, viola

I. Allegro

II. Adagio

III. Rondo : Allegro

April 10, 2011
Inflexionen (.2010) world premier by Ruth Wiesenfeld (1972)
Alice Teyssier, flute
"A MUSICAL FEAST" concert April 10, 2011 at the Burchfield Penney Art Center
Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium


Thursday, April 15, 2010
Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium .Burchfield Penney Art Center
String Quintet in C Major for 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, D.956, Op.163
Franz P. Schubert (1797-1828)

Charles Haupt, violin; Shieh-Jian Tsai, violin;
Feng Hew, cello; Robert Hausmann, cello;
Virginia Barron, viola;

November Sky (1992) David Felder (1953)
for flute doubling piccolo, alto, and bass flutes, with computer processed sounds.
Barry Crawford, flute
Commissioned by N.E.A. and Rachel Rudich

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Dance Card (1986)

Claudia Hoca, piano
Tango Bolshoi
Diabelli Polka
Valse Tristan
Prater Rag

Video: APRIL 10 2009 GUSTO at the Gallery
Tres danzas seculares ( 1994)
Mario Lavista
Jonathan Golove, cello Alan Feinberg: piano Melanie Aceto, Christina Walsh

Video: "Frigate" by J.T. Rinker
Crotales: Rin Ozaki "A Musical Feast" April 10, 2009
Recorded at the Albright Knox Art Gallery Buffalo. NY "GUSTO at the Gallery" event
Time: 8:12

Video: "Time Cycle" (1960) by Lukas Foss (1922-2009)
II. When the Bells Justle
"A Musical Feast" February 8, 2009
Recorded at the Burchfield Penny Art Center, Buffalo, NY

Video: Duo for violin and viola, No. 2 in Bb Major, K. 424
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
DUO violin, viola Jesse Levine and Charles Castleman


Video: Nov. 13, 2007
Paolo Cavallone (b.1975)
Paolo Cavallone, piano

Video: January 16, 2007, 8pm
Rebonds Part A  Part B
Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) drumming
Tom Kolor, percussion

STRAVINSKY: "The Soldier's Tale" January 29- 2008

WBFO interview
Buffalo Avenues: Concert Honors Lukas Foss

Video: An Interview with Charles Haupt
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Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967): Duo for violin and cello, opus 7
January 16 , 2007 Charles Haupt, violin Feng Hew, cello
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January 17th, 2007
Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996)
Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, flute

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Concert One, March 29, 2006
BRITTEN: Six Metamorphoses After Ovid, opus 49
Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman, flute


David Taylor
An interview from WBFO FM


An Interview with Jesse Levine


Made possible by the generous support of

Irene Haupt, Photographer

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