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Irene Haupt, photography
Rin Ozaki, crotales, electronics
J.T.Rinker, composer
FRIGATE was written by composer J.T. Rinker for percussionist Rin Ozaki (residing in Tokyo). J.T. did weave my images together using various parameters from the recording to control the color. Thank you JT.Rinker and Rin Ozaki. Hope we can sail into a safe NEW YEAR together.
Rin Ozaki performing Crotales with electronics.”Crotales” sometimes called antique cymbals. Percussion instruments consisting of small tuned bronze or brass disks. They are commonly played by being struck with hard mallets

May 12, 2017
Tiffany DuMouchelle
soprano, Steve Solook percussion, Paul Hembree electronics
“JUSTICE” by Roger Reynolds

A Film by Zahra Partovi
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Seek Water
poetry by J.M Rumi {1207-1273}
Translation & Music Zahra Partovi
Tiffany DuMouchelle soprano
Stephen Solook bells
Vincent FitzGerald voiceover
Actor Naho Taeuishi
Cinematography: Paul Reuter
Filmed in White Sands, New Mexico
For Nils Vigeland
a film by Zahra Paetovi 21017
Seek Water was Produced for ” A Musical Feast”

edited version of whole concert

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