​Lukas Foss

Exactly one week before a concert at the Burchfield Penney’s rendezblue which also honors our beloved Lukas Foss, one of American’s uniquely brilliant composers, who gave so much of himself, both to Buffalo and the world, Lukas Foss passed away peacefully at his home in New York this past Sunday. Remembrances rang out from coast to coast immediately following his passing. Many Buffalonians will remember the New Music and distinguished musicians he brought to Buffalo during his tenure in Buffalo (while conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Others will remember his infectious enthusiasm or his graceful manner, chaming and disarming smile; others his spirit of humility (all the more astonishing in light of the fact that he was a musical giant who has yet to be fully appreciated). No matter how we remember Lukas Foss, we all feel it more important now to pay tribute to him this coming Sunday (February 8th) at the Burchfield-Penney where a discussion will begin at 2pm and a concert immediately following at 3pm. This event will be free, and open to the public so please come and share these “moments” remembering Lukas Foss.

One important additional note is that a good friend and musical colleague to Lukas Foss, Jesse Levine, who himself passed away recently, will be noticeably absent and terribly missed at this event. We know how much Jesse and Lukas appreciated each-other’s talents and abilities. And, we know that Jesse would have very much wanted, not only to be present, but to also play his viola once again, in tribute to his friend Lukas Foss, especially in Buffalo, a place that held special memories for Jesse Levine, and held a special place in his heart, a place that he returned many times during his life as both a violist and a conductor, including his many appearances as a violist at A Musical Feast, and most recently, as a conductor at Slee Concert Hall. So we would like take this opportunity, not only to say how much Jesse will be missed at this event, and also to include here, some remembrances that Jesse had shared with Jan Jezioro about Lukas Foss.

Thank you, Jan. Thanks also to Irene Haupt for her photographs of Lukas Foss and Jesse Levine.

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Panel discussion honoring composer, Lukas Foss
February 8th 2009

An Interview with Jesse Levine Concerning Lukas Foss